Winter & Spring

There is so much to explore in Björnrike – on skis, on foot, or with the speed of the wind. In the winter and spring there is such a wide scope for outdoor experiences, from the day of the first snowfall until the time when the spring sun makes the mountain brooks thaw and murmur.


Snowsure and well-groomed pistes provide the ideal base for carving turns. Björnrike boasts vertical drops up to 470 metres and fun skiing for every level of skier.

Piste map Björnrike »


Join a snowmobile safari to shielings and across wide snowscapes or for a twilight tour beneath the stars. Vemdalen Experience’s guides will lead the way.


Find the glide in well-groomed tracks in the shielded birch-tree forest just below the bare mountain region. Or follow the marked touring trails to one of the picturesque waffles cafés.


The keen dogs will pull you high up on the slopes; a four-legged winter adventure where you also get to harness the dogs and steer the sled. And at high speed too!


The wind is your friend! The kite course will teach you everything about the gear and how to travel across the snowscapes by kite on skis, snowboard or blades.


Go hiking on snow shoes through the white wonderland up to the top of Mt Nipan with magical views of the mountains. The guide will tell you about the animals in the wilderness during the hike.

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