With its situation high up on the mountain slopes, within a snowball’s throw of skiing and hiking Villa Björnrike is a marvellous place where to gather the family and/or friends for an informal getaway in the immediate vicinity of Nature. The decorative, sustainable natural materials and genuine handicraft traditions behind all the details in the Villa all contribute to the warm and soothing atmosphere.


A real luxury is spending time together with your loved ones and in the generous lounges it is easy for generations to get together and enjoy each other’s company. Meanwhile, the separate apartments enable varying timetables and routines without conflicting interests.


A wonderful setting for the most festive occasions in our lives; in Villa Björnrike you can celebrate the wedding, birthdays and other festive events in a glamorous atmosphere. Having the opportunity to wake up together, share the meals and outdoor experiences will result in a getaway you will remember for many years to come.


Room for many under one roof: eight bedrooms all with en-suite bathrooms makes Villa Björnrike ideal for getaways when you want to organise a party of friends for a few days of great mountain life. Fishing, hiking, skiing, good food and drink – the possibilities for shared experiences are great.

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